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Education and Workshop Programs


Programs at a Glance:



● All planning processes within supply chain management

● Demand, purchasing, production, inventory, logistics planning

● Lean manufacturing, quality management, process improvement

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● Generate accurate and reliable sales forecasts

● Identify demand trends with analytical methods

● Integration of judgement and process design

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● Integration of sales, production, procurement and financial plans

● Planning for strategic goals and profitability

● Steps of the S&OP process, dashboards and execution

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● Planning the production so as to meet demand

● Determining capacity requirements and resolving issues

● Planning raw material and half-good procurement

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● Determine detailed flow of work orders in the shop floor

● Concepts and definitions related to Detailed Scheduling

● Generating scheduling subject to constraints, priorities and goals

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Advantages of Public Workshops


Perspectives and Networking

Having knowledge about problems of various firms enables looking from different angles and perspectives and multidimensional thinking. Provides an environment where participants from different companies meet and network with each other.


Cost Advantages

When there are few number of employees from the same company, the attendance fee per participant will be lower compared to the in-house alternative.


Operational Convenience

In the case where all employees in the same department will attend the training, sending employees one at a time to public programs will avoid disruption in processes and operation.


Advantages of In-House Workshops


Institutional Confidentiality

It allows discussions and analyzes to be carried out in confidentiality.


Cost Advantages

As the number of participants increases, the unit fee per participant decreases. For workshops organized in convenient locations determined by the institution, instead of the transportation and accommodation costs and time losses of all employees, the institution will only cover the expenses of the instructor.


Timing Convenience

Training calendar and timing will meet the requests of the institution.


Instant Impact

Taking the training as a department or team ensures that the topics discussed and the resulutions are accepted immediately by the team and that there is no time lost in implementing them.








Education and Workshops

Supply Chain Management: The Principles Demand Planning and Forecasting Sales and Operations Planning Master Scheduling Detailed Scheduling



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